Welcome to the web site for Gain Planning Services. 

Gain Planning Services is an independent planning consultancy, set up in 2015 by Peter MacLeod, MRTPI.

My objective is to provide an affordable service for those wishing to navigate the planning system, whether it be to promote the development of a site, appeal against an adverse planning decision, to consider options for renewable energy generation  or to prepare a case against a nearby development detrimental to their interests. 

With the Scottish Borders Council just announcing that they intend to cease providing pre-application planning advice there is clearly going to be a lack of basic planning advice available to developers so I would just like to take this opportunity to confirm that this is exactly the type of service that I am able to provide at a low cost. 

Please feel free to contact me to discuss matters first and get an initial free consultation.

Thank you for visiting.

contact telephone: 01896750355
mobile: 07910828625