5 - My application is going to be refused

If you have been advised by the delegated planning officer that based on the current submission your planning application is going to be recommended for refusal, then there are several options.

1. First you can leave it unchanged and let it be refused and then reconsider your position once the decision notice has been issued (see options 3 & 4 on main menu).
2. You can consider the issues that are causes of concern to the delegated planning officer and address these. This may involve making changes to the proposal or simply submitting further information to support your application. You may need to agree an extension of time to the determination period. 
3. Finally, you can opt to withdraw the planning application with a view to resubmitting a revised proposal. You will be able to do this without the need for a further planning fee if it is carried out within the statutory time period, and so long as the proposal remains of the same character and retains the same site boundary.

Whichever option you decide upon I can provide the necessary advice and guidance.