2 Putting a proposal forward for planning permission

A. Putting a proposal forward for planning permission.

Once you have established precisely what you wish to present to the planning authority, then you need to ensure that what you are proposing is given the best possible chance of obtaining a straight approval of planning permission.

The first step in the process will often be a pre-application consultation. This would be with a planning officer but may also include representatives of other departments or agencies, for example roads, environmental health, landscape, SEPA, SNH or Transport Scotland. As Scottish Borders Council has recently announced that it is to cease providing this service then I am willing and able to fulfil this role in providing this advice prior to the submission of a full planning application.  

For the submission of he planning application then I would take the applicant through the full procedure from submission to decision. Ensure that the form is filled in completely and correctly, which sounds obvious but it is surprising how often even this stage is not fulfilled adequately. Ensure that the drawings and plans that are submitted are clear and accurate and where possible show the context. Do not put on items that are not required, unless these are positive attributes. Some items may be carried out at a later stage without the need for planning permission. 

I would prepare and submit a clear planning statement and highlight relevant policies and issues and demonstrate how the development supports the objectives of the local development plan and national planning policies. Where there are policy conflicts then you must be able to demonstrate how these are to be resolved. Highlight environmental, economic and social impacts and benefits. 

B. Putting a proposal forward for inclusion in a forthcoming local development plan.

You may have an area of land that you wish to be included in the future development plans of your area. It may be for residential or business use. 

The first step is to ensure it is a sound planning proposition, and that it is a site that achieves to aims and objectives of the local authority. A sound understanding of the planning objectives of the local authority and the Scottish Government are essential as well as the locational attributes of the site. As a long established planning professional I am able to provide this assessment and put together a statement of proposal for the local authority.