7 - I wish to install renewable energy devices

The Scottish Government has been very forthright in its desire to reduce carbon emissions and promote renewable energy. The ambition is to achieve at least an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


There is therefore strong support for land owners installing renewable energy devices on their land to provide their own energy needs but to also sell back energy to the National Grid (known as Feed-in Tariff). Whilst these Feed-in Tariffs have been reducing they are still available.


The main forms of renewable energy devices are wind turbines, solar panels, biomass plant (e.g. wood-chip burners) and small hydro-electric schemes. Ground source heat pumps (geo-thermal) are another option.


The suitability of a particular form of renewable energy will depend upon your sites characteristics, proximity to other occupiers, the visibility of the site and potential impact on any protected sites. 

The feed-in tariffs are being reduce and phased out, however it may still be worthwhile considering renewable energy for off grid sustainable developments or for locations where it may be difficult to connect to mains power. 

I can assist in the consideration of best options, prepare supporting documentation and submit the proposal to the planning authority.